light in a bag

This hurricane season has been very busy with the passing of hurricane Harvey and Irma. Both hurricanes brought historic damage to the areas impacted by their landfall. Millions of residents and businesses lost power, internet, and cable. Some even lost the use of running water.

Times like these are certainly stressful, especially for the youngest members of the family. How do we keep them occupied?  Here are 10 family friendly activities that you can use to help your family pass the time without losing your sanity:

10. Play board games. This is the perfect time to pull out a game like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chinese Checkers.

9. Solve puzzles. Pull out that puzzle you’ve been meaning to work on and put it together with your family. Remember to put it on a mat or some other surface that can keep the puzzle intact when you are done. Use a sheet if you have to improvise.

8. Play cards. Teach your children how to play your favorite card game, Uno is a great example. Soon you’ll be having a blast!

7. Have a coloring contest. Pull out your coloring books and color away. No coloring book? Draw pictures of interest such as the favorite scene from a family vacation. Use your imagination!

6. Play charades. Pick a theme and have fun with it. You won’t believe how quickly time will pass and how creative your children can be!

5. Get crafty: Make slime, goop, make decoration for the upcoming holidays (Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner!), or whatever your favorite craft is. Most don’t require electricity, which is perfect for a time like now.

4. Build a fort: Get together and build the largest pillow and blanket fort you can. Get underneath and have fun!

3. Put on a show: Pick out a few songs, dress up, and put those vocal cords to work. Have a concert, you and your family will be the stars!

2. Gratitude list: Yes, the lights are out, it might be hot, and eating cold food is no fun. However, what are you grateful for? Get together and brainstorm. You might be surprised!

1. Give back: Collaborate with your family about how you can give back to others who are less fortunate. Can you donate time, money, or supplies? Where would you donate? Is there a local shelter or nursing home that you can help out?


Whichever activity you choose, continue to be safe, and have fun! Take this time to bond as a family.

See you soon!



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