If you let me be the light of of your life.

Two years ago, I realized that something in my life had to change. I am a wife to a wonderful husband and Mom to two wonderful boys.  I was teaching,  a business owner, daughter, daughter-in-law, in addition to many other hats I was wearing. Life felt like a whirlwind, it was flying by and I was moving from one moment to the next without taking a breath. I realized that I had to stop. Hit the breaks. Take a breath.

My husband and I discussed what it would look like if we changed how we lived our life. We made an intentional decision to slow things down to be more deliberate about our time with each other and the children. I wanted to be able to wake up and kiss my children goodbye, make sure they were fed, and do little things such as see them off to school. There were other factors that influenced our decision making to make us decide this was the best choice for our family.

So I did it. I took a leap of faith and took a leave of absence from my job to tend to my family. It was not an easy move or choice for us to make, however, every morning when I kiss my boys goodbye I am thankful.


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