Fire along the I-95
Controlled burn along the I-95 heading north.

One of the reasons this blog is called The Soapy Road Ahead is because one of our family’s favorite activities to do together is to travel. We especially enjoy road trips. Our road trips were at one point a necessity as a controllable way to travel without having to deal with the hassles of flying with children. We would drive 24 hours to Canada or New York and think nothing of it.

At some point, we decided that we didn’t want to drive for such a long period of time. Instead we broke the trip up into pieces and added a little exploration of each city we stopped in. We had a blast, the children loved the exploration component, and now road trips are a part of our vacation portfolio.

With that being said, road trips are also unpredictable. Sometimes, there is an unexpected detour, event, or stop. Very similar to life. I try to plan our trips out to the hour, however, those hiccups always seem to crop up. We simply roll with it. I’ve had to learn how to roll with life instead of always trying to control everything. Know what? I’m happier for it. I still plan what I can, however I understand that the unexpected will happen and it is ok. As long as we are all happy and healthy, we will deal with it and move on.

A few scenes from our last road trip to Pennsylvania:


Savannah, Georgia: The Boy’s room in Davenport House was one our boys’ list of favorites.

Washington D.C.: This visit was fun, informative, sobering, and awe inspiring. We will visit again for a longer period of time.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: Another fascinating destination that we will visit again. We loved talking to the “residents” and walking through the various buildings which are actually working museums.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: We visited several sites in Pennsylvania including the Independence Hall, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Reading Terminal Market.

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