Hey there! My name is Camille affectionately known as Soapy… I live in sunny South Florida with my husband and two sons. I am a Chemistry teacher who absolutely loves to teach the subject. I love the moment and the look on their faces when my students “get it”! I am also the proud owner of The Soapy Bar, LLC.

Business ownership has added another dimension to my and my family’s life. It has taught my children the value of hard work, character, and integrity. They watched me build my business from the first bar of soap for my son to what it is today. It has certainly changed our lives for the better.

This blog is where I will discuss different stages of transitions through life. I will also be discussing topics that inspire me which include travel, photography, and natural skin care, and beautiful spaces. I hope this blog will entertain, inform, and provide value to whomever takes time to read my posts. Thank you and see you soon!



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